History of the Ages part I.: Introduction


When I used to go to church, I was told that the next big event in human history is the return of Jesus Christ in the clouds and taking away people that believed in him to some place called “Heaven”. And those not counted worthy (some other people, not us) will die a horrible death during the “tribulation” period that begins once “we” are taken.

Some other times “Millennial Kingdom” was mentioned as another big thing ahead of us. 

It was confusing. 

Nobody ever made it clear why we are going away somewhere if there is supposed to be a Kingdom set up here on Earth for 1000 years. 

Years passed by. I did my own research. I listened to many videos. I set dates for myself and others based on “words from God”, “words from Lord Jesus” and many other “words” as recorded by “modern day prophets”. The more dates came and went, the more I got frustrated. If all of these people hear from God, why aren’t their dates coming to a fruition?

I eventually moved away from accepting these doctrines at a face value. 

I started to ask Father in my heart to show me the truth about the future Himself. It took some time, but during the process Father started pointing out some passages in the Bible. These passages were generally accepted as “future events”, yet He kept telling me over and over that it had all already happened. Among those events was “the rapture” and “the millennial reign”. 

I shared my findings with my closest friends. It didn’t go very well, I suppose partly because I didn’t have the whole picture and I wasn’t able to answer all their logical questions of what happened, when and how. I suppose it’s hard to give ear to something that goes against what the whole world is saying. But then, weren’t we told that the whole world would be deceived? 

Why does everyone assume it’s the whole world but not them?

More time went by. We are all still here, after many other date setting cycles. If those who spread dates of the rapture knew how many Christians committed suicide because what they said didn’t happen, if they knew how many people effed up their lives partly because they believed they didn’t have to take care of their own affairs since they’re almost out of here, those date setters would delete their channels and lay prostrate before Father for weeks and weeks in an attempt to repent from it all. 

Don’t be deceived: if you put out a video, you are IN PART responsible for the decisions people make based on what you say, especially if you share it under the assumption that you heard it from God.

But back to what I was saying. 

I studied some more and got more clarity in what’s happened since the Fall, about Jesus’ return, about the Millennial Kingdom, about the Eternal Kingdom. I tried to share a thing or two in the past, but today I decided to share my findings with you in full. 

Let us begin.

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