Welcome to our collective Journey through the fire. Fire transforms. Fire burns away the old and makes room for the new. With the “discovery” of fire, people were able to eat differently. And so,  a wider variety of foods became available for consumption. Even now with the addition of gas and electric appliances to help us, we all look forward to outdoor grilling, using the barbeque or a campfire.

In shamanic practices and ancient religion, Fire is a God, a container for sacred wisdom, the original teacher.


We speak of “fire in the belly” meaning determination and energy. Through the fire we also discover creativity and intuition.

This blog is about all of those ideas. It is about taking that inner fire, the Divine Fire, the fire in our kitchen and transforming our life. It may be making peace with our history, changing our body image, healing from a dis-ease, finding new joy and passion in life. It’s about taking a journey in our kitchen and cooking our way into a new relationship with food. I will be telling my stories, sharing photos and recipes, sharing my passion for good food, teaching about mindful cooking and new ways of looking at nutrition. I am asking you for your stories, recipes, and give you a place to share your Journey.


Let’s explore together how to make the Kitchen a sacred space, how cooking can change the way we feel about food, the way we feel about feeding ourselves and others, how we have made and can make miraculous changes in our bodies, hearts, and spirits . I invite  you to embark on this Journey through the Fire.

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